DeadMau5 4x4=12

Dubstep / Clubland music is slowly creeping into the mainstream thanks to artists like Deadmau5 and the guy from the Window's 8 commercials.  There's a certain engaging flow that persists throughout the mix of the entire album; one not as overbearing as dubstep tends to be.  From the smooth swallow-this-pill intro, to the intensity of "Raise Your Weapons."  Always a good reaffirmation of good club music with this one.

It holds an integrity not only to rhythm, but to melody allowing for smooth, seamless transitions.  The record is an epic voyage through different phases in melodic growth.  There are several instances of an upward walking baseline that culminates in starting over, along with instances of a constantly uprising higher pitched sound.  As we continue to push forward at the surface level, we don't even realize we're just roaming around in circles at the base of things.

4x4=12 in base 14, as 12 in base 14 = 16 in base 10; 16, the meter in which dance music is measured.