"Look" by Anti

"Look" by Anti, an indie alternative-hip hop artist influenced by an array of genres, is a laid back and mellow production with a haunting and almost soothing chord progressions along with an almost hypnotic percussion line.  Hints of Mike Shinoda but with an aspect of raw realness come to mind.  It's poetry set to music.  ​In 2/13, Anti will release Blend, an EP featuring the singles "Look" and "Choices," for free!  Check out "Look" below.

"Look" tends to phase tangentially onto an eye-opening (no pun intended) topic I often find myself musing over.  How we tend to lose love for our partners or friends due to an increasing intolerance of their flaws.  The caveat being that we are indeed only seeing our own flaws in them and are in essence simply unable to tolerate ourselves.  They reflect to us each day our own weaknesses through their own, due to our intolerence.  It's a difficult concept to grasp let alone put into words; but it is a fundament for internal growth once understood. 

 The greatest human strength is love, i.e. forgiveness.  Thus, the greatest human weakness is the inability to forgive....whether it be to forgive one's self or others.  So when someone presents you with a flaw of theirs that you just can't get over or tolerate (i.e. forgive), then you are being presented with your greatest flaw...the inability to get over, tolerate, or forgive (i.e. love).  This inability is a weakness, an insecurity.  So when slapped in the face with your own deepest insecurity (again the inability to forgive others' flaws), you begin to feel a halo of negativity associated with that person and want to get away, break up, or spend less time with them, or even worse, hurt them to show some sort of superiority (essentially a misguided attempt to show strength through an act of weakness).

In a slightly confounding, yet succinct and poetic way, "Look" touches on this subject.  I would encourage not only the artist, but the reader, to look deeper into the concept and unfold it to a raw ingestable state in order to arm oneself and others with that knowledge, and to utilize it for further self-growth.