"Why Dare" by Ate A Clock

"Why Dare" by Ate A Clock, a professional musician (fiddle player/singer) and Singer/Songwriter from Melbourne Australia and living in Dublin Ireland, is a haunting melody with new-age sociopolitical lyrics yet a spacey Thom Yorke meets George Harrison feel.  The chord progressions played elegantly and classically on the guitar introduce a soothing feel, and you're whisked away throughout the tune.


The song asks "Why Dare?...Why care?"   A very simple yet appropriate life-question.  Why dare to dream?  Why dare to ask for that raise, to ask for her phone number, to sell those stocks...to get up each morning?  Dare.  It is always the risks in life that warrant the great rewards, as one is not living until they take risks....until they further from crawling to walking thus heightening their ability to explore.  If you can garner enough inner strength to take responsibility for the outcomes of your decisions, then you have nothing to fear.  Why dare?  Because without our backbone, we are not whole.  If we are not able to take-on the baton and run, we are simply standing still, we are not living.