Without Music by Playfio

Without Music by UK's Playfio Music Productions, is a very chill drum & bass / trip-hop production with strong musical qualities and poetic lyrics.  Wrapped in a soothing progression of chords, the trance track puts forth a deep message regarding the importance of music and it's integration in our emotions and our lives in general.  Rob Playford, founder of Plafio Music, wrote the song after being inspired by an article he wrote as part of a guest blog post for the Music Learning Workshop called, “How does music have the ability to stir long lost emotions and memories?"

Playfio touches on a subject that I find of great interest.  Music and it's relation to human emotions, growth and development.  Many musicians report listlessness and even depression if they haven't rehearsed in a while, and even non-musicians can attest to a certain tune or lyric triggering certain memories, happinesses, sadnesses.  There are a mass of studies linking music and neurology as well as music and psychology, as it is clear evolution has kept music in the world to help aid survival in some way.  In short, we need music and would be best off not knowing what life would be without it.