West Virginia by Manteye

West Virginia by Canadian singer-songwriter Manteye, is an Alternative Rock song, possessing elements of Americana, about the simplicities of life back in West Virginia before the responsibilities and choices came and changed everything.  The song's refrain "There is something in the air" holds a nostalgic feel that hooks the listener. 

After taking a two decade hiatus from the music scene Manteye has returned with some intimate, honest material.  I feel all mainstreamers, yes, even Beiber, should consider following Manteye's footsteps and writing songs with more depth, honesty and meaning.  The song may still be mainstream and catchy, but the lyrics and feel should still not only have an emotional depth to them, but a meaning deeper than the surface rough and tumble.  Manteye does a good job of connect back to roots and impressing a message into his music.