My Misery by Ian Alistair Gosbee

My Misery by Canadian singer-songwriter Ian Alistair Gosbee is a bright, fun pop tune of his album "Life Gets in the Way," with hints of light 80's glam, and a catchy snap-your-fingers melody.  Having received a great deal of accolade in the Canadian market for his prolific songwriting, Gosbee showcases a great singing voice, a refreshing trait in today's deluge of untrained vocalists. 

The song touches on the complicated relationships, particularly the tendency for couples to slowly drift apart mentally or emotionally, eventually become jaded and ultimately miserable.  The often seemingly inevitable point where lovers stick together but want to part is almost a Catch-22 because they stay together due to a sort of compassion and understanding, yet want to leave for the very same reason.  This bitter yet ambivalent internal turmoil within each individual in the relationship is an insecurity that I believe can only truly be cured with a strong self acceptance by both parties, a situation where both parties are right, both parties win and where there are no mysteries.